Tuesday, November 10, 2009

13 Roses 13 Dollar Tattoos!

Y'all have been lookin' for it and here it is!

Yes, 13 Roses in Atlanta is gonna have another $13 tattoo (plus lucky $7 tip!) this upcoming Friday the 13th!

Turn one of the unluckiest days of the year into your lucky day! You got a $20 bill, you gotta tattoo......

Q & A

What does $20 get you?

A kick ass tattoo by a kick ass artist. On the 13th, the shop will put on the front door a sheet of paper that has the tattoos you can choose from. Don't expect a half sleeve dipshit. It's a $20 tattoo!!! See that 13 on my arm? That's what I got last time.....

....and this taco (mmmm tacos)....it's what I got another time..... and that shit's a coupon at Holy Taco in East Atlanta....yep....a coupon.

Does it just cost $13 for the tattoo?

No asshat.....it's $13 tattoos with a $7 tip......$20. You got more than 2o dolla....tip more.

Can I pick any tattoo I want?

No. Like I said before....they'll post a sheet of paper with what you can choose from on the front door the day of.

Can I call the shop the day before and find out what tattoos I can choose from?

Uh, no. they put that shit on the front door on the 13th.

Can I call the shop to set up an appointment?

No you can't. It's first come, first serve. You show up, put your name on the list and wait for your turn.

How long is the wait?

Well, if you're the first person there, you won't have one. I waited about an hour the first time and a couple hours the last time. You're not the only one wantin' a $13 tattoo.....you'll just have to wait your turn.

What the hell am I supposed to do while I wait?

Lucky for you, East Atlanta is FULL of bars. Go downstairs to the Flat Iron. Buy a drink or 10. If you're nice, someone might come down and call out your name when it's your turn...but then again maybe not. Go have a drink, and go back upstairs to check where they are on the list. Keep doin' it 'til it's your turn. Don't complain about the wait.....complainers suck.

Where is 13 Roses in Atlanta?

Do I look like Google? Look it up yourself.

Can I call and ask what tattoos are being offered?

Don't be a dipshit. I told you....they put that shit on the door.

What time can I get there?

The shop opens at 11.

What time do they stop?


...........Ok, that should answer all your questions. If not, tough.

Head down to East Atlanta this Friday and make a night out of it. We always do. Bitches gonna do East Atlanta again. WOOOO!!! AND it's my birthday weekend, so bring presents and look for the chubby girl with gnarly notted red hair. I love presents. I might even give you a hug....well probably not. Hugs are for hippies and I don't want the swine flu so expect me to be totally shitfaced....I'm a firm believer that if you have enough alcohol in your system, cooties can't penetrate your immune system.



Not So Average Mama said...

Man I wish I could go with you guys! I miss y'all!

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

I wish you could too, but NOOOOOO you gotta go and all live in Texas and shit.

Brian O'Mara-Croft said...

Any chance they'll travel to Chicago and tattoo me for $13?


'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Sha....no! It'd be nice though wouldn't it? Try checkin' with local tattoo parlors, lots of 'em do the $13 tatoos on Friday the 13th.

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