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Rev Run - Your Words

Imagine if all your words for the past 24 hrs had been recorded and turned into a transcript. How would it read? Would there be more life than death? Would it include words filled with life that build others up? How much of it would contain grumbling, complaining or even name-calling? (REMEMBER) what comes out of your mouth reveals who you really are. Focus on speaking words of life and blessing! If you change your words, you'll change your life. -(Joyce Meyers)

This first time I read this, I thought of havin' my mouth washed out with soap. You ever have your mouth washed out with soap for sayin' somethin' you weren't supposed to? I totally did. I can't eat ginger at a sushi place because of it.....that shit tastes EXACTLY like Palmolive. (shudder)

I've really tried to adopted a sort of philosophy of gettin' back in return what you put out into the world. Be nice and people will be nice to you. Take positive steps in life and more positive things will come to you. No matter how much somethin' sucks, try to laugh about it. Laughin' makes all kindsa shit better. Everything has a way of workin' themselves out.....eventually....and if you keep your head up.

Life gives to the givers and takes from the a giver. It's kinda like my own personal religion. I've heard somethin' of a book about a "Secret" that's along the same lines, but I ain't too fancy on readin' books that ain't about vampires or witches and wands. I also heard this weekend that there's some kinda church that preaches this sorta get back from the universe what you put into it. They don't talk about gods or jesus or alibaba....just positive......stuff. Too bad I ain't too keen on goin' to church.

So, what did I learn from Rev Run's lesson today? Smile and the world smiles with you. Laugh and the world laughs with an asshole and you'll be treated like an asshole.
Some people I know could totally call bullshit on me here, but I try.....most days. I really, really try and dog gone it, it just plain feels good.....even though my left eyeball twitches when I'm tryin' when you're at the grocery store and the lady in front of you is arguin' over the price of a pound of ground beef and you just wanna grab the little separator thing and beat the ever livin' hell outta her......

I really, seriously do try...eye twitch and all......


Anonymous said…
what are you supposed to do when you do think and act positive and you still get treated like an asshole and get nothing good in return?
I'm bettin' you're not really bein' overall a positive person Anonymous.....I bet you do it for a minute then give up.

Otherwise, if people treat you like ass, you still smile and rise above. Assholes hate it when they're tryin' to be all asshole like and you're nothin' but obnoxiously nice to them....try it.
jujubeew2626 said…
cheers - great blog! sometimes it IS hard, but i do my best to be positive. chewy may disagree....

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