Thursday, July 16, 2009

Because I'm TOTALLY Awesome Like That!

Today I was checkin' out the Cake Wrecks Blog and it was about my favoritist feline EVER (actually the only feline I like)...... HELLO KITTY!

WOW, there are some pretty shit cakes out there claiming to be Hello Kitty cakes. One even looks like Porky the freakin' Pig.

The very last cake she wrote about tough is a cake I have worshiped forEVER .

The first time I saw the HK zombie cake was on this site called Hello Kitty Hell which was a site I learned of when a friend of mine had sent me an email saying she'd seen one of my tattoos online. At first I thought "WHAT!?!?!? Really? Which one? Are they makin' fun of the big ass nekkid blue fairy that covers my ENTIRE back?" No, it couldn't one even sees that tattoo.....ever.

I clicked the link she had sent me and it took me to a fantastic place called Hello Kitty Hell. Wha? I ain't ever seen this place before! The dude who writes it says he's married to a crazed maniac of a wife that must have and does have everything HK related, therefore he's in Hello Kitty Hell. Psht....whatever. He just set that shit up so people from all around the world would be all "hey, I bet your wife's never seen this!".....just so he could get his Hello Kitty lovin' hands on the stuff himself. BUT, whatever. My tattoo is totally on his site, because I'm totally AWESOME like that. I love J! everyday for doin' such a kick ass job on it. I love him so much that when we had a "tat party dude" I gave him his very own Hello Kitty Tattoo......because I'm awesome like that.


Tori said...

Ok... that's pretty freakin awesome. I only have one ugly daisy on my ankle. I have a few other ideas I wanna do, but Brandy isn't tatting right now. Comin' to Texas anytime soon???

Not So Average Mama said...

How many Hello Kitty tattoos have I done on you? 2?

Cooking Asshole said...

Hello Kitty? Blue Fairy?


'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Yeah Asshole....I got THREE Hello Kitties and my fairy's holdin' an about AWESOME!

Cooking Asshole said...


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