Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life is Good

I'm not sure what it is.....Fall's in the air and I can feel it and I guess I always tend to get all happy go lucky and shit when that time of the year comes back around. It's so foreign to me, this feeling of complete and total ease. It'll only last for a day or two though....if that. I tend to really slow down. I take time to "smell the roses" and I always reflect on memories that make me super happy. There's just something about cool overcast weather that brings out that part of me.

On the way to work this morning, I listened to nice calm music and just thought about all kindsa happy memories. Things that I'll always look back on and smile. I thought about so many random things this morning and it's just totally made my day.

I remember the days of cleanin' houses and then pickin' up the boy from pre-k by 2:30. We'd go home and watch Barney together for hours. I hated Barney, I hated all the kids, I hated all the stupid songs, but sittin' there on the green carpet of our first house with the boy singin' along, it's one of the most awesome moments I had as a Mom.

I remember goin' to the mall with my Grandmother. Whether it was her takin' me back to school clothes shoppin' or her just goin' to Sears for some underoos, I loved walkin' through the mall with her.

Strangely enough, I love the memories of cleanin' our old house in Dallas. The girl wasn't thought about yet (so things were strangely quiet) and the boy was in pre-k. If I wasn't workin' cleanin' someone else's house, I loved to clean mine on nice cool Fall days listenin' to calming music. I miss that house. I wasn't sad to leave it, but lookin' back on it, I don't think I will ever love a house as much as that one. It was our first house and I've got so many cherished memories from it.

I loved layin' in bed and wathin' Ally McBeal.

I loved orderin' Johnny's Pizza to-go every Sunday and comin' home to watch the Sopranos.

My mom and I used to go to this one kid's consignment sale together. The best was the one in the fall. We'd get up at the ass crack of dawn, so we could be one of the first in line to get in. We'd have coffee and she'd make egg mcmuffins. We'd freeze our asses off. It was awesome. We may not do that anymore, but we do go shoppin' every year on the day after's a close second.

I loved all the days of painting things on the walls in our new house. Again with the nice cool days and good music. I had the help of a friend I no longer have, but still, those were good times.

Halloween. I used to always decorate for Halloween. I miss decorating for Halloween. I just don't do it so much anymore. Sure, I pull out all the silly Dollar Store figurines and fake leaves, but it's just not like it used to be. Now, I'll ask Jerm to pull the stuff outta the attic and he won't and he won't, so I finally a week before Halloween. That's LAME. I need to change that.

When Jerm and I were teenagers, we'd get in his car and just drive. We never had a specific destination, but we'd end up somewhere awesome. He had a '69 Camaro. I can remember the sound of that car and the shitty radio. We'd have the windows down and I'd just be singin' along to whatever cassette tape was playin'. That car is sittin' in his parent's garage.....rotting.

Enough with all the memories already. I'm gettin' all foggy eyed and shit. I know I'm doin' things now that one day will be memories, but it always seems like things were so much simpler way back when. It's funny how your mind blocks out all the shit and just lets the good filter through sometimes. Thank god for that.


BlondeShot Creative said...

I am totally identifying here. Love the cool fall weather, makes everything better! And yeah, WTF my life sure as hell used to be a lot simpler... and less stress free, and less "have to dos"- yuck.

Jennifer McGrath said...

good stuff.... it's weird how our sences work huh?

yeah get up on that Halloween shit girl!

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Jen M - I know.....I gotta get on the Halloween ball. I read your blog and just think "holy god man.....I wish I had half that energy!"

Jen A. - Yes, everything is better in the fall! I hope I can make it to some of the fall festivals this year. I too miss the days of a lot less "have to dos". Oh how do I miss those days.

Lana said...

i love the way autumn feels too! almost like a much needed reprieve.

and now my mind is all focused on candy corn....

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Candy corn? Only the kind that has brown bottoms! Mmm..brown bottoms.

Not So Average Mama said...

hmph.. I didn't get any homemade egg mc muffins...just some biscuit from chick-fila or some crap that was totally inferior to something homemade...whats up with that???

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Yeah well, you can come over this weekend and I'll make up for it. I'm cookin' them before we head out to the Drive Invasion.

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