Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weird Awesome Dolls err....People Type Things at the Antique Mall

I'm sittin' here tryin' to come up with somethin' witty to write to start this off with, but I got Slayer's Raining Blood stuck in my head and that's really not helpin' me out much. So I'll just get to it. More awesomeness from the Big Shanty Antique Mall.....this time it's all dolls or people or...whatever......

I remember Jeremy sayin' somethin' about this doll that I thought was really funny, but again...Slayer stuck in my head so I got nothin'. That's one arrogant assed lookin' doll with her fuck me eyes.....or are those Betty Davis eyes? Betty Davis scared the shit outta me. She was one mean ass lookin' old woman.

The Jewish Bride. Really? Chick all gettin' felt up way back in the day.....I think it'd made more sense if it said Drunk Irish Bride.

...and THIS lady.....just look at the smile on her face...and her hands....bitch about to whip your ass AND she's gonna smilin' about it the whole time.

Check out this baby jesus.....he's all stoned and shit.

AHHHH!!! Why your eyes gotta be all wide open like that? You ever notice how so many dolls from ages ago are just creepy as shit? Why?

What the hell this is, I ain't got a clue. She's all feedin' her baby and got her mouth all wide open like she just got poked in the butt. Who made this? Why'd they make it? What does it all mean?!?!

Check out the knockers on this Barbie. She's got her hand all weird like she's holdin' a.....microphone....and she's got a scared dear in headlights look on her face. What's goin' on here?

When I saw this, I immediately thought of Michael Jackson. Do you see it or is it just me?

Again with the scary ass lookin' dolls. Her hair looks a lot like parts of mine did the last time it got singed. Ok, so it wasn't the last time, but the time before that. My hair totally got burned again this weekend. How does that keep happening to me?

"Sure I'm your friend". You know those words are a total lie right? The creepy boy/girl ain't your friend. She, he...whatever is just about to hustle your ass. Look at her, him, it......standin' there with foot crossed and makin' kissy faces....you're about to be fucked.....and it ain't gonna be good.

That's it for the people post. Tomorrow will be the stupid hats I made Jeremy wear and....dun, dun, dunnnnn.......the gift we gave at the party.


BlondeShot Creative said...

um...yeah... quite creepy

Ally said...

These photos are great. You could create an entire blog around these interesting items. Seriously. I love 'em!


Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Not So Average Mama said...

This shit is great!!!!

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