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I Ain't Down With Brown

This past Saturday, I had a full day of awesomeness planned (another day at the Antique Mall, with the girl and a friend) so I got up at 8 so I could start on the torturous task of colorin' my hair. I went downstairs first to get Tina so she and baby wolf cat could have a play date with one of my cats that refuses to leave our bedroom, but when I wasn't lookin', Tina totally snuck in the bathroom (see her on the counter behind me?) so she could see what was goin' on. I tried to tell her the fumes were bad for her baby wolf cat, but she didn't listen. Who am I to tell her how to raise her baby......

Colorin' my hair blows. The worst part is brushin' it out first, hence the busy mane in the above photo. It's definitely not an easy task when you have the fro of curly knots that I have.

After finally raking all the color through my hair, I put the last bit that was left over on my eyebrows........oh sweet jesus the burn. Somethin' was definitely wrong here. The only time I felt that kinda burn was when I used bleach on my hair. Turns out I might as well have been......I didn't have my glasses on when I grabbed the 40 volume developer.....nice....I was about to have neon pumpkin orange hair.

Being that I pro that I am, I figured I'd let the color sit for longer than normal.....I figured the lifting of color would start first before the deposit of color so the longer it sat, the more color would be deposited. Makes since right?

I uploaded some new songs on the girl's ipod and cooked breakfast and before I knew it, the color had been on my hair for about an hour. Shit.

When I got out of the shower, I was grateful that all my hair hadn't fallen out, but when I looked in the mirror my hair was SO dark. Maybe it'd lighten up once it was dry....psht....right.

I totally have brown hair now......and I'm sad.......

....but not too sad to have a blast at the antique mall........


Ally said…
I think the hair looks fab! Darn you and that awesome antique mall - stop making us all jealous!!!

In college I interned at Geraldo and part of my job was to go through the reader mail and separate it out. One of the story ideas was from a woman down south who burned her scalp with hair dye. I don't remember the details but the photos were awful. Big patches of baldness. EEK! Be thankful you still have lovely full locks :)

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing
Thanks Ally....I'm just not used to the whole brown thing....

I can't stop going to the antique's HUGE. There's so much to see that you couldn't possibly see everything at once. I go, take pictures, then go back a little later to buy the things I wanted the trip before. I gotta think on it a week or so to make sure I want them!

As far as the hair thing goes, thank god after 20 years of coloring and bleaching my hair every color you could imagine, I've luckily never TOTALLY destroyed my hair beyond repair!
Ally said…
Tell me about it (the hair dying)! I've done the whole manic panic thing (when we were kids everyone worried about the LYE in it!)... I've bleached, permed in the '80s a few times, highlights STILL. I go like 3x a year for a full head and would go more often if I could afford it. PS I'd go broke at the antique mall, for realz.

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

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