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Divine Population Control?

At the risk of losin' readers and majorly pissin' some people off to the point that they're leavin' me long drawn out replies tellin' me what an idiot I am (even if it's over spelling or grammar), I have to write this......I have to I the only person that has had these certain thoughts come across in my mind? Am I sick and twisted?

This earthquake in Haiti....they say it's killed 45,000 to 50,000 people. They also say in a city that was designed to hold 50,000 people, there are 2 million people crammed in.

Do you believe in God?

Could this be some sort of divine population control? Is God micromanaging forces of nature to tame what is obviously a country that is out of control?

The devastation is unfathomable. It's absolutely horrific, but if you believe in God, would it be safe to say that God gave each and every one of those people in that country a brain?

Maybe I'm ignorant. Maybe there's some blind force that's holdin' this entire country back from usin' their brains.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.....they're a poor county. They don't have all the opportunities and luxuries we as Americans have. You know why we as Americans have all these opportunities and luxuries? Because we use our brains.

This is 2010. I always thought we'd be flyin' around in spaceships by now. You know, like the Jetsons or Back to the Future II? So we're totally not, but you'd think by now everybody'd get the jist of usin' their brains. Just by me admitting that I thought we'd by flyin' around in spaceships, you could argue that I ain't necessarily usin' my brain and that I'm ignorant....yeah well, I ain't ever claimed to be an intellect.

That's all.

I've purged the ol' brain of THAT and I even feel a little better now that I've organized my thoughts into cohesive sentences instead of keepin' them in my head like a bunch of jumbled of fishin' line.

If this does raise up some holy hell raisin' in you and you write me some angry response, I ain't gonna reply. I'm not into arguing over random thoughts or opinions.....especially with people on the interwed. So please, feel free to say what you gotta say......agree or disagree......

Tomorrow.....America's response to the devastation in Louisiana brought on by Hurricane Katrina vs. America's response to a devastating earthquake in Haiti.


Ally said…
Forgive me for sounding totally ignorant, but I almost wish people everywhere would stop having so many babies. Like in countries where they can't afford to feed themselves, can't we send condoms or pills or something? Please forgive me for being such an idiot. I do feel for everyone and I've made a donation and hope they can rebuild somehow. I dunno. I hate sounding so neg.
I pretty much agree with you Ally. On one hand though, I think it'd be nice if America could get back to being big happy families with values.....instead of Mom, Dad (who will eventually divorce) and 1.57 children.

When I first was writing this post, one of the things I wrote then deleted was a suggestion for these people in poor nations to stop fornicatin'.....I know it feels good, but DAMN.....give your future unborn children a well as the rest of us. Without all those fornicators, there wouldn't be so many poor as people and probably no so such thing as poverty nations!
Sally-Sal said…
I think you're spot on, and I think you're badass, because you say what you really think.

I just read another news report about Haiti, and the fact that there's still an orphange standing, makes me think that maybe it was just time to start over. Maybe this time they'll do it right.
Thanks Sal.

Believe me, I have really struggled with keepin' some of my opinions away from here. I've even thought about creating another blog just so I could say EVERYTHING I want to, but I'm afraid someone would find out it was me......I've heard horror stories about people losin' their jobs because of their blog......
Cooking Asshole said…
Dude, those floating skateboards in Back to the Future II were fucking BOMB!!! "Those things don't work over water, unless your have POWWAA!!!"
Anonymous said…
I'm up in the air about God, but I would guess that if there is a God he's probably indifferent whether or not we spend all our time pumping out babies.

I firmly believe that the more people you pack together, the lower the general IQ level drops. That's a helluva lot of people packed together. Hopefully after all this is cleaned up something good will come of it.
Anonymous said…
AMEN SISTER! And I never understand when something happens somewhere else we are supposed to drop everything and send our money/aid/etc. to help them while our own country has turned into a big steaming pile of shit. Doesn't make any sense.
p.s. I love your blog. Always makes me think or laugh or something.
Cookin' Asshole....BFII is one of the awesomest movies EVER!!!


Dear Anonymous.....Who are you? Anonymity drives me crazy! Thanks for agreeing and readin' my blog....and commenting! It's crazy, I really thought I'd have people wantin' to rip my esophogus out over this one. YAY ME for not pissin' the crazy sensitive types off!
Sally-Sal said…
I think stating your opinion is something that should be highly regarded.

As for losing your job over a blog, I call bullshit.

If you're touching kids in a bad way and writing about it, then yeah, get fired (and go directly to a federal pound me in the ass prison).

If you're giving away trade secrets or the Colonel's secret recipe, get fired (and then email me the recipe. I love you, Colonel.)

Otherwise, get a fucking life. Everyone gives their opinion, everyone says fucked up shit from time to time, but not everyone blogs.

And keep saying what you're saying, Red. I like.
You're totally right Sal...totally right. I wish I got paid to be opinionated!
Anonymous said…
Its me anonymous, I don't want ya to come beat my ass so here goes. I live in Auburn, GA and happened upon your blog one day and loved it. You have a wonderful writing style and you are so funny!! I'm friends with Nick and Zack and Stephanie...I think you know those guys. They all call me Sassypants but my name is Heather. I used to work at Stone Mountain Harley until I was let go due to the economy.
Ha,Ha Anonymous....I retired from beatin' people up years ago, but since you hang out with Nik and Zack, there's no tellin' what those two have told you!

Thanks for tellin' me who you are and thanks again for leavin' me a comment and likin' my blog! I love hearin' from people that read it.....sometimes I wonder if anyone ever does......

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