Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tina and the Blizzard of 2010

For days now Atlanta's been all buzzin' about the winter storm of 2010. Awesome. All the dipshits are gonna be at the store stockin' up on milk and bread. Why the hell you gotta buy milk and bread? The smart thing to do would be to go the liquor store and buy some whiskey to keep yourself warm.

We decided to grill out steaks. Actually our friend Chewy said she was comin' over with steaks........I think it'll be new tradition. All the other asshats'll have milk and bread.....we'll have steak.

As far as the winter storm.....we got like 16 inches.....of horse shit. We barely even got a dusting of snow.

It was enough though for Tina to start frothin' at the mouth wantin' to take her baby wolfcat out for her first snow.

She was so excited. She wanted to commemorate the occasion by writin' in the.....uh....snow.
Sweet, sweet Tina. I remember my kids' first snow too. Those little rosy cheeks and frozen feet and fingers. I love snow. It's a good thing we don't get it here like we once did though. It's like the snow's laced with stupid. Everybody just gets stupid. I think most people believe that the streets are slick the minute one single snow flake hits the ground. Thirty-five seems to be as fast as anyone wants to go. I really thought I was gonna lose my mind on the way home yesterday as a few flakes meandered their way down to the street. Idiots. All of 'em. Thankfully there weren't an asston of people at the store when I stopped to get charcoal......all the tards had gone the day before.

Last night before I went to bed, I saw that the kid's schools were gonna be closed. Even though there was maybe a milliliter of snow to actually hit the ground here, all that just turns to one solid block of ice......see all that white? Solid ice.....I'm thinkin' about ice skatin' on it later today if anybody would care to join me.


Ally said...

Someone from your area just posted a photo on FB of the supermarket shelves like totally wiped out for fear of the big blizzard of 2010. We got a crappy dusting here in NJ :(
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'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

This place is full of breadaholics I suppose! I want snow. Lots!

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