Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

Why are all these people all upset over Michael Jackson dying? Maybe these people aren't parents themselves and don't have that fierceness to protect their child at all costs. I don't know, whatever, just quit your damn whinin' already people. Sure, I shook my ass to his music too when I was a kid (shit, still do when it comes on the 80's channel), but the dude was a PEDOPHILE. The guy liked kids WAY too much and you know it! If you're innocent of something as VILE as molesting a child, why would you EVER pay off the accusers just to make it go away.....unless you're guilty. I wasn't there, I didn't see it, but you bitches are crazy for saying RIP Michael or shedding one single tear.

It's all set! We're goin' to PC soon for a family vacation with some friends. Six adults, three kids. Anyone know where I can get Valium? Nah, I'll be fine....I hope. The last time I was in PC, I was 14. We had a BLAST. I'll save the details since my Mom reads this. I gotta start tanning now so I don't get sun poisoning and while I'm there, I must remember to get myself an airbrushed t-shirt.

I'm tired of zits. I freakin' thirty something and still get that shit! Really it's like a cruel, cruel joke. You'd think that the powers that be would cut you some slack ya know? Once you hit 30, you start getting hairs in weird places, you gotta work 16 times as hard as a 20 year old to lose any weight and hangovers are WAAAYYY worse. Really.....come me some slack zit fairy.

97 degree weather sucks balls. I ain't lookin' for a picture of that either. It just is. I'm hot. All day. Everyday. I can't cool down to save my life. My hair looks like ass from all the humidity and all that sweatin' is makin' my skin break out. Heat is stupid.

Dang it.....I gotta go pay bills.


Anonymous said...

So what exactly did you NOT tell your Mama about PC????? Oh, I remember the 2 really cute boys you and Erin went off with...you're right, I don't need to know! :)

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