Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I wish I had something interesting to write, but I don't. I just don't wanna cook pork chops. I'm tired of stupid pork chops. It's time to start cookin' some new foods. Last night I was watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and there was two different dishes on the episode that I wanna make. One was Haluski. From what I've seen, the Haluski I wanna make (as done by Kelly O's Diner) isn't exactly traditional. Her's is caramelized onions and cabbage, bacon and curly noodles with pepper and garlic salt. Traditional has potatos and eggs. I found a video on how Kelly O's make it......and I will make it!!!

The other recipe was something called Shrimp Magazine from Joey K's restaurant in Louisiana. The dish was named after the street the restaurant is located. Holy god....large butterfly shrimp lightly floured and pan fried, then sauteed in olive oil, garlic, artichoke hearts, ham and green onions, served over pasta. Oh lord. Don't be surprised if my post ends here as I just drooled all over the keyboard so my laptop may quit working.

I love food. A girl's gotta maintain her chubby figure ya know? Did I mention that I was totally just drooling???

To procrastinate ever further, I've been checking out some videos from my favorite band EVER....the Detroit Cobras. They're gonna be in Atlanta this Saturday. I'm SUPER excited. I'm broke. So I gotta go and not drink.....psht. That's what flasks are for. If you don't know who the Detroit Cobras are you are missin' out and you need to google that shit.

Not only are the Detroit Cobras playing in Atlanta this weekend, the Monster Bash is ALSO this weekend at the Starlight Drive In. It's old cars, bikes, bands, awesome vendors and old ass monster movies once the sun goes down. I usually don't watch the bands and I ain't into old movies and I hate heat (nothin' but GA heat on all that asphalt). Last year we decided that we were just payin' $30 to hang out with our friends. I'm still not sure if we'll go or not. Our girl has fun there, but the boy, not so much. One year, if was freakishly hot for June so our girl took a cooler that was filled with ice and water and charged people to splash them.....she BANKED. It was funny as all get out. I just don't know......again, broke.

I guess I should go cook. I don't wanna, but little birdies are standin' around with their mouths all wide open and stuff so I guess I should feed 'em.


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