Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day With Trains

This weekend we took the kids to a train museum for a birthday party. It was pretty awesome. There were asstons of trains that you could walk through. I've never been in a commuter train so it was pretty awesome.

When we climbed in the first train, there was this little fat kid that evidently was like a regular or something and he kept walkin' back and forth sayin' "exthcuse me, exthcuse me". After about the fourth time I was about to start cussin' at the little terd, but had to remind myself "I'm an adult, I have kids, I must set a good positive example" I just tripped him instead. No, I didn't, but you know it'd been funny as hell if I did....his little fat self fallin' down, cheeks all floppin', eyes all bugged....ok...that's just mean. I'm shuttin' up.

Eventually the little fat kid ended up gettin' in between the boys and the girl and I so we ended up heading in different directions. The girl and I had a really fun time walking through the trains together. It was crazy how little some of the areas in the trains were. The kitchen on one of the trains I swear the average sized American couldn't think in much less cook in....but then again the average sized American has a hard time just bendin' over to get their shoes tied (myself included! That's why I wear those awesome velcro shoes....ha, ha, kidding....maybe).

The trains had bunk beds and a couple suites which I guess were for the super fantastic rich people. The suites had full size beds and little bathroom areas and according to a sign you can't flush the toilet while the train is in the station. The girl asks, "Why? If you go poo it's just gotta sit there and stink?". Yep.....pretty much.

There was another sign that said something about the particular train we were in having carried a dead president. Not like a past president that's now dead.....dude was actually dead while he was on the train. This of course totally freaked the girl out. From that point on, she was certain there were ghosts in the trains. CERTAIN. So, I take that opportunity to convince her even further that there are in fact ghosts on the trains. I'm sure the special train people that worked there weren't too happy with my screamin' daughter runnin' through the train because I scared the bejesus outta her. I had a picture of her standing in a hallway of the train with her "Mom, you're so full of shit" look which was right before I screamed and took off running for her saying a ghost had just grabbed me....but I guess I deleted it.

Once we got outta the "haunted" train, we met back up with the boys who were more interested in this kinda stuff than all the rooms and furniture and stuff.....

Amazingly enough both the kids seemed to have fun doing the same thing at the same place while together! There was no fighting or hitting or least for a minute anyhow.

Not only were there passenger cars, there were a few cargo train cars too. I explained to the kids that that's how I used to travel when I was a bum.

After we spent some time walking through the museum, it was time for the birthday party which was actually set up in a train car which was really cool. After scarfing down some pizza and juice boxes, we got to actually ride a train. It was pretty cool and again....both my kids in one place at the same time enjoying the same thing!

I also got this awesome picture of some friends of ours. I worship this for so many reasons.

After the train ride, it was back inside for cupcakes (which I totally could've eaten like 17 of!) and presents. I got plenty pictures of that too, but like I've said before, I'm not sure about puttin' other people's kids in the same place my potty mouth writes.

I'd like to think that the gift we gave was a was this dragon contraption thing that you hook up to a water hose and when you squeeze a trigger on the inside, it's eyes light up, it roars and it's supposed to spit water at you. Flippin' sweet I say! I think I need one of them bad boys!

After the gifts the goodie bags were handed out. There were whistles in them. Loud, annoying whistles. This is me trying not to cry once the kids realized there were loud annoting whistles in them.

Despite the near meltdown over the whistles, the day really was awesome!


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