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A Week In Photos

I saw this ice cream truck the other day.

First thing I thought was......damn they sure are far from home, maybe they're goin' to an ice cream convention......I should totally follow 'em and see. Second thing I thought was.......there ain't no ice cream trucks that look like that 'round these parts. Here in the South you almost feel like you're riskin' your own life to approach the ice cream man's truck. I seriously did wanna follow them to see where they were goin', but what if they were just headed back to California? I mean what a colossal waste of time that woulda been. Ultimately, it was the white milky substance dumpin' out the back of it and hittin' my windshield that made me just go ahead and turn where I was supposed to. I was totally outta whipperwhiper fluid so I ended up just smearin' that shit all over my windshield. I was pissed. I love ice cream.

I pass this painted tree from time to time.........What is it? Why is it there? It drives me BONKERS and one day I'm gonna be drivin' along and I'm gonna be all lookin' at it as I drive past and *KABAMOOIE!!!!!!!!* I'm gonna rear end a stopped car.

Is it some kinda Indian ritual? Did somebody die in a car accident there and they loved blue paint and red frisbees and this is someone's last tribute? Is it there just to distract people like me from actually seein' somethin' else in that area that we could be seein' if we weren't lookin' at this, this.....whatever the hell it is? WHAT IS IT?!?! I'm losin' sleep dammit!

This....... the girl's version of our family on the Sims game. Her and her brother are DEAD ON. Like crazy dead on. Me and her dad on the other hand......she says....Mom, it won't let me make you and Dad any bigger, not like taller, but like.....bigger.....and they don't have hair as big as yours either. Take note Sims game.... not everyone in this world (especially in America) is a size 6 with beautiful hair.

This was the girl right after finding the last Easter egg.

I've decided that I hate hidin' Easter eggs. What has become of me????? I used to love playin' the part of all these holiday characters. I'm pretty sure at this point she knows all of it's a bunch of hooey, but she's still goin' along for the ride so she'll still get all the benefits of believin'. I've thought about payin' her brother to tell her it's all's a sham....she's been had, but she'll still get all the presents....better him than me right? I mean, I don't wanna be the one to bust her bubble completely. I already had to be the one to talk to her about S-E-X.....I should get a free pass on this one dontcha think?

Here's our dearest Wheezy.......she's almost five months now.

She has two modes. Haulin' ass and passed the fuck out. We've joked around that she's narcoleptic, but sometimes I really wonder. She'll run, run, run and leap through the air just to land in my lap and be completely sacked out the next second. There's no sittin' and relaxin' for a bit then fallin' asleep. It's the weirdest thing.

True story.....yesterday Wheezy jumped up in my lap. Jeremy came over and started sayin''re gettin' very sleepy....very, very sleepy....he said it over and over for just a few seconds and no shit, she fell over. I don't mean like she just fell asleep like usual. She totally and completely fell the fuck over and was OUT.

I hear Jeremy's Mom used to do the same thing to the neighbor's chickens when she was a kid.

I came across this on this morning's Post Secrets blog.

After a month now of lookin' 8,000 times a day at every job site I can find and sendin' out resumes for jobs I totally don't want, jobs makin' way less money or jobs that I'm way over qualified for and still hearin' nothin' back from 99.9%, this really helps me hold onto hope. I'm not the only one. I've known I'm not, but there's somethin' about seein' it on Post Secret that tells me it's all gonna be just fine. Thank you Post are the first thing my brain processes every Sunday mornin'.


love the week in photos!
Loopy said…
Yes! Week in Photos = Hilarious way to start my Monday! So thank you!

P.S. Ice Cream trucks around these parts come out after dark, play rap, have adults chasing them down, and only sell crack. True Story!
Thanks Jen!

Loopy.....Thank you and you're welcome! Ice cream trucks around here ain't too far from the one's there. They usually all play the same song which sometimes is playin' waaaaayyyy toooooo slooooowwww and they guy drivin' never has more than three teeth.

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