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Still On The Hunt

Lord have I neglected my blog! I think about it everyday, but when it comes to content I got nothin'. Hell, I still got nothin', but I'm sittin' in the living room in dead silence. Everyone else is still asleep so I can actually sit and think and write for a minute.

I still haven't found a job. I'm goin' on what?.......a month now? I'm guessin' I've sent out over 80 resumes by now. Every day when I get to work, I'll open up every job site I can think of and just hit the refresh button every 15 - 30 minutes. The new listings have drastically slowed down. When it first happened a couple weeks ago, I about went over the edge. I had a really bad week that week. Like wanted to crawl up in a ball and cry while suckin' my thumb kinda bad....well that or beatin' the ever livin' crap outta the first person that looked at me wrong. I finally pulled myself out of it. I had to take my own advice that a really good friend threw back in my face after me havin' told her the same thing over and over. So thanks to her, I got over it and moved on. A shitty attitude will get me nowhere.....gotta stay positive, positive, positive.

Earlier this week, I had to complete a typing test to qualify for a job at City Hall. Turns out 50,000 other ladies were also tryin' to qualify for the same job, but what's new? When I arrived at the testing office, I looked around I thought "Really? This is what my competition is????" One lady had her kid with her, another lady was wearing jeans that had the crotch of 'em missin' because of her thighs rubbin', another chick was on her cell phone while the lady administering the test was trying to talk to her and the last lady had no fuckin' clue what a TAB key was!

All I could do was sit there and think, " long as these ladies, type fast enough, they have as much of a chance as I do?!?!?!" Niiiice. If I was the person administering the test, the second those ladies walked in with a kid, jeans that had been eaten by their crotch or with a cell phone attached to their ear I woulda just shook my head and pointed to the door. You mean to tell me that you can't find somebody to watch your kid for an hour? You can't go to the thrift store and buy a pair of slacks? You can't put your fukin' cell phone down for just a minute? And then there's the lady that didn't know where the TAB key was. I'da just patted her on the back.....bless her heart.

By the time I had left there were six more ladies waiting. Out of those six, one had her kid with her and another one looked like she hadn't brushed her hair weeks. What a waste of my time......Even though I passed the with flyin' colors (and none of the ladies that were before me did), I left feelin' totally defeated.

The next day though things turned around, because I was called in for an interview. Despite the fact that when I left, I felt like I had been through a tornado and came out thinkin' "what the fuck just happened?", I think things went pretty well. I said VERY little.....hell, I had very little chance to actually say anything, which could be a very good thing, because I ain't exactly polished or always professional. When I left, I left knowing that they have a very heavy case load, what the hours would be, that I could wear jeans and flip flops, that I was exactly what they were lookin' for, but they still had a few more interviews and that I would be makin' less money than I do now. Man I hope I get this job! Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Loopy said…
That job sounds sweet! Government Job AND you can wear Flip Flops? PLUS! It'll be a big ego boost when you find out your smarter than everyone there! (think of the promotion opportunities!). Unemployment sucks. Fingers Crossed!

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