Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My 15 Minutes (Part Deux)

As I left off in my last post, we were all starving by the time makeup and hairs were done, but we were off to set. Thankfully Jenn (who saved me more than once in this whole experience) had a box of Uncrustables and gave me one to keep me going. That shit was like lobster and filet mignon all rolled up in one.

This is where I will proceed with caution as to not have Mr. Gene Shhhhhh...... (look, here he is in action!).....
.....come down on me. We were told many many times no pictures on set and to keep the storyline to ourselves. Really, it ain't like I signed anything in blood, but out of respect for my new BFF Robbie (yes, we're tight like that....no "Mr. Zombie" for me! Psshht...as if) I will tiptoe here.

We enter the big old ass awesome barn in darkness. The inside was insane awesome. It was all done up for one big ol' party to include a band and all. As I first went in, I was put towards the back in corner and I remember saying "nobody puts baby in the corner" and I headed up more towards the front.
The music the band played wasn't exactly my thing, though they really sounded awesome. I can most definitely understand why they were chosen. Jesse Dayton, the singer for "Capt. Clegg and the Night Creatures", says on his myspace blog that the music was a true first for him describing it as "60's go-go rock and rockabilly with a Bakersfield country sound". The songs were catchy for sure, but what song wouldn't be after you've heard it a dozen times over and over?
For hours and hours and hours, we shot the same couple scenes over and over while shakin' our asses and pretending to sip on beer (mmm.....nearbeer...as if real beer ain't bad enough) from plastic cups that people had slobbered on, spit in and lord knows what else. I say they shoulda really handed out two shots of liquor to everyone to loosen us all up and really produce a good ass shakin' time, but whatever. I'm no pro.
As it all goes, we'd start and stop. Then we would start and stop again. Everytime they would yell cut we had to be silent so Mr. Zombie.....errr...I mean Robbie could readjust whatever needed readjustin'. If we didn't quiet down enough, Mr. Gene Shhhhhh would tell everyone to "SSSSHHHHHH". I eventually went up to him and asked if he graduated from the School of Ssshhhhology. I got no answer. Just a cute little look. I followed up with "Let me guess...you got your degree in Ssshhhhoosyomouth.....how much does that pay"? I was promptly told that if I didn't watch it I was gonna get "Ssshhhoosed of the set". Well it was on from then on. Everything was SSSsssshhhhh. A friend of mine, John and I, couldn't stop. He seriously had me about to pee in my pretty pretty princess dress. Try being quiet when you laughin' so hard you're about to pop a vein!

I was pretty sure that I wasn't really gonna be in any of the shots during these scenes. Well my hair may have made an appearance, but not much else. That was until one scene where I was bored of dancin' the same 'ol way so I had my back turned towards the band and I was humpin' a podium and got my hair pulled for the kazillionth time. I turned around yelling "DAMMIT" only to see one of the famous people and a camera right there in my face. Ooops. Sorry about that.

We finally got to take a break to eat. I have no idea what time it was. It seemed like it was midnight, but when we walked outta the barn it was still daylight. The line was soooo long.

The food was pretty good. There was chicken and ribs of some sort, salads (MMMM!), steamed carrots and okra, breads and desserts. I know there was more, but I can't remember.

We had about an hour break to eat and rest our feet. Me feet totally needed a break. Even though I wore my most comfy creepers, they were still totally killing me.

Before we went back to set I finally needed to pee. I had dreaded going to the bathroom in that dress. Even though they had those really awesome fancy potty trailers, the toilet areas were kinda small and there wasn't anything small about my dress. It was quite the experience. I had to pull up my dress and pull my underwear down before I could back into the bathroom. I could just barely get the door shut. Yeah, it was awesome!

Back to set we went for more of the same. I don't think I have anything fancy to tell about it. By now, it's all kinda a blur.

Later that night, we got to shoot at side and that was awesome fun....but you'll have to come back to read about it!

AND....Even more pictures! These are GREAT!!!


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