Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawdy

I have totally neglected my blog, I know. I've been so busy elsewhere that sometimes I feel like my head may fall off at any minute from all the spinning and now I'm sick on top of it all.
Once I get home, go over school stuff with kids, hang with kids, yell at kids, talk about the day's developments with J and cook and clean, I get busy organizing BWB stuff and doing my part in planning one hell of a party we plan on having May 16th at the Last Great Watering Hole in Tucker. Thank the Lord for J. He's been unbelievably patient and helpful. Once the kids go to bed it's usually veg on the couch together time, but not so much lately.
As busy as I've been with this, I'm not the only one working on it at this point and would have probably fallen over dead already if I were. Stacy has been up to her ears in it too and without her, it wouldn't be half of what it's gonna be! All the bitches are gonna really come together for this and it's gonna be infreakinsane! You're not gonna want to miss it!
Click here to see what we've got it the works so far! We'll post details as we get them all worked out.......


Heather Radman Murphy said...

OK.. So my father's band used to play at the Last Great Watering Hole in Tucker.. As a matter of fact when I was 4 and 5 yrs old we lived in the duplexes right behind that bar.. Too Crazy

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