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Got My Free Moo Cards!

.....and they ain't mini sized anymore!

I love 'em!!!

I Wish I was Better At It

Having meaningless chit chat with strangers. Like when you're stuck on an elevator and someone says something about the weather.....c'mon....I'd rather not have to talk to you.....and your cologne smells like ass....but I'd really like to have meaningless chitchat and not even think of it as "meaningless"....just think of it as a part of life.....right now though, it just irritates me.

Givin' a shit. When one of the kids or myself or Jeremy is sick or there's something crazy happenin' in our lives, co-workers and friends alike will ask how things are....I don't really ever ask. Is it because I don't wanna know? I don't care? I don't know. I can make myself ask the question, but I can't make myself even hear their answer. I'm not sayin' I'm like that with EVERYONE 100% of the time (I'm not totally cold, there are actually people I care about), but I'm like that with most everyone. I really hate that ab…

Beans Don't Fry In the Kitchen....

Beans don't burn on the griiillll......

Yeah, that totally has nothin' to do with this post, but I woke up at like 6 o'clock Saturday mornin' (which is when I initially started writin' this, but my internet kept shittin' out on me!) and had that Sinead O'Connor song "Nothing Compares to You" stuck in my head. I laid in bed until just before 7 singin' the same shit over and over and over....

It's been seeevvven hours and fifteen dayssince you took your love away
I go out ever-ry night and sleep all daaa-aySince you took your love away
Since you've been gone I can do whatever I waa-aaa-aaant
I can see whomever I choose
I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaaa-aaa-aaaaurant,but nothin'....I said nothin' can take away these bluuuuuuuuuues
'Cuz nothin' comparesNothin' compares to yeeeeewwwwww.

That song was me and my first boyfriend's "song" and it's one of my all time favorite songs, but I didn't particular…

In the Meantime......

I made these Friday night.....

and these.....

......Pancake and bacon cupcakes......with maple frosting. Oh. My. Gah. HEA-VEN. They were a pretty big hit for anybody that was brave enough to try 'em. Addictive actually. Lots and lots of people asked me for the recipe. I spent way to much time writin' it all out to post here and my internet took a shit TWICE....and didn't save I have to write it a third danged time. I'll get around to it this week....swear.

So, in the meantime.....this is what's been happenin' in our lives.....

This little lady was one of two Italian Greyhounds that stayed at our house when me and a couple of my girlfriends had a slumber party.

These dogs are the sweetest, preciousest dogs like ever. I never knew such sugary sweetness existed in dogs.....

.....especially compared to this devil who is only sugary sweet when she's sacked the fuck out........

This..... what Jeremy did to our one of our cats. He's so fa…

Puberty.....Do What Now?

I don't even know where to begin here.

Should I start with the part about the lump?

Should I start with the word congratulations?

Should I start with the part about gay sex?

Sweet Jesus help me.


I remember when I was in 4th grade I took a gymnastics class offered by my school. I loved the thought of all the twistin' and turnin' and flippin'.....and Mary Lou Retton made it all look so effortless. Turns out though, the closest to Mary Lou Retton I'd ever be was the black, purple, blue and white leotard I wore that had her name on the tag.

I can see that leotard as clear as if I still had it today......and with my memory, that's a pretty big accomplishment. I remember it because I dreaded havin' to put that damn thing on. DREADED IT. All the color was on the upper half and the bottom half was white. I can remember thinkin'.....I hope nobody can see my hairs pokin' outta this thing.

You know....those hairs that're....... down yonder. I…

50 Free Moo Mini Cards!

Moo Mini Cards are my favorite business cards ever! They're these little mini business cards that you can put your own photo or image on (up to 100 different images per order!).... and you can even put an image on the back with all your contact info too. They're not the best priced business cards out there ($19.99 for a box of 100), but they're ridiculously cute and people definitely take notice of them when you hand them one......and right now, you can get 50 free cards!

I've totally slacked on makin' things lately, but with all the time off I'm probably about to have, I figured it'd be a good time to start makin' my bears again. I may even do a show or two over the Summer....who knows what the future holds. Either way, I need new business cards and there's not a better time to get some then when I can get 50 free!

Here's the set I had made a few years ago......people LOVED them.....(I even had a batch printed up that had a little bit o…

She Shows Her Face

In 1994, I followed a boy to Alaska. I came back with Freya.

She's been through a lot in her 16 years. She's been on a 13 hour plane ride which forever changed her personality, lived in at least 6 different places, and survived two kids that went through the terrible two's for like 3 years.

A few years ago she decided to crawl under our bed and never come out. Up until recently, the only way to get her out was to wait until you could see her tail pokin' out from under the bed and give it a good yank. That sure as shit pissed her off, but damn....if I don't cut her nails once a month, they'll grow into her little toes!

Once I'd finally drag her out, I'd have to hold her so tight I'd dang near squeeze her guts out her butt and she'd just eyeball me with her huge ass eyes like she was shootin' laser beams through me. The very second I'd finish, back under the bed she'd go.

For the past several months though she's been comin' out…

Music for Yer Soul....My Soul....Whatever

My new musical the moment......

(You'll want to pause my music player in the sidebar if you wanna watch any of these!)

Even though the first time I heard this song, it was only a little snippet (gawd I hate that word), it grabbed me and didn't let go. It took me about 20 minutes of listenin' to that little part over and over and googling different lyrics from it until I finally found it.

Chuck Ragan......Between the Lines.

This song makes me wanna drive fast, smoke cigarettes, drink whiskey and shake my ass....all at the same time.

Every Time I Die....We'rewolf

By now you all know I have a weakness for the ridiculous. Especially when it comes to booty shakin' music. Can't remember how I came across this, but it was on the computer. I watched the video like 18 times.....then I decided that I wanted to do the chair dancin' part with my friend Chewy......and we'd wear leotards. One day. I swear.

Beyonce f/Lady Gaga......Video Phone

Yet anot…

Dear Facebook Quizzes, You Can't Always Be Right

According to Facebook, I am 100% Latina, I could survive a zombie takeover for 3.5 years, if I were to go to jail it would be because I "just had to shoot that guy", my ghetto nickname is June Bug and the sandwich that best represents me is a pulled pork sammich.

I'd say all that's pretty dead on wouldn't you?

Man I love Facebook. I ain't ashamed to admit it.

(Click the picture to find out how addicted to Facebook you are.)

...and the quizzes are just a small part of that love. I mean shit....who doesn't wanna know what dead rockstar they most resemble or what kinda kiss (not kisser...just kiss) they are?!?! Psht...I totally do.

The most recent quiz I took was called "What's your biggest weakness?" This was the result......Your heart. You are often loved because of your outgoing and fun personality, and you like to give hugs and flirt, but underneath it all you are lacking heart. You find it hard to love others through all the walls you'…

Cigarette Box Flash Diffuser

A few months back I took a photography class taught by Jenn at BlondeShot Creative. In the class I had told her how much I hated usin' a flash. It washes out people and just doesn't capture the moment the way you see it.....even through the lens of the camera.

Jenn suggested a homemade remedy to diffuse the brightness of the flash by using a film canister. I came home and dug through all my junk lookin' for a film canister, but haven't bought film in like 8 kabillion years. After comin' up empty handed, I sat on the couch and pouted for a while then I just completely forgot about it.

Today, Jenn sent me an email with a link showin' how to make a flash diffuser usin' a box of cigarettes. I knew I had one of those!.....or Jeremy did anyways. I couldn't wait to get home and try it. I had to wait for Jeremy to get home and as soon as he walked in I asked if he could empty his pack of cigarettes.

This is what you'll need........

Your digital SLR with …

Strange How Things Work Out Sometimes

Over the weekend the kids went to Tennessee with their Grandparents. When I met them to pick the kids up, my Mom said the kids had a blast! They even got to go swimmin' the nuclear power plant! Hmmm......okay (said in my best valley girl voice).

She said the green foamy stuff floatin' on the water's edge wasn't a problem at all. She said she knew for a fact it wasn't the kinda waste that could possibly be affecting the water surrounding the know....the kinda waste that includes materials used in the nuclear fission process like, oh, I dunno.....spent uranium rods, which contain the highest level of toxins and radiation?!?!

Ok, I'm totally makin' all that shit up. My mom said it was all ok and I trust her judgment. She said they were at a place that had a sandy area by the water where people were fishing and there were a few picnic tables, too. She did tell me though that when she saw the sign that said "Toxic Water....Do Not…

A Week In Photos

I saw this ice cream truck the other day.

First thing I thought was......damn they sure are far from home, maybe they're goin' to an ice cream convention......I should totally follow 'em and see. Second thing I thought was.......there ain't no ice cream trucks that look like that 'round these parts. Here in the South you almost feel like you're riskin' your own life to approach the ice cream man's truck. I seriously did wanna follow them to see where they were goin', but what if they were just headed back to California? I mean what a colossal waste of time that woulda been. Ultimately, it was the white milky substance dumpin' out the back of it and hittin' my windshield that made me just go ahead and turn where I was supposed to. I was totally outta whipperwhiper fluid so I ended up just smearin' that shit all over my windshield. I was pissed. I love ice cream.

I pass this painted tree from time to time.........What is it? Why is …

Still On The Hunt

Lord have I neglected my blog! I think about it everyday, but when it comes to content I got nothin'. Hell, I still got nothin', but I'm sittin' in the living room in dead silence. Everyone else is still asleep so I can actually sit and think and write for a minute.

I still haven't found a job. I'm goin' on what?.......a month now? I'm guessin' I've sent out over 80 resumes by now. Every day when I get to work, I'll open up every job site I can think of and just hit the refresh button every 15 - 30 minutes. The new listings have drastically slowed down. When it first happened a couple weeks ago, I about went over the edge. I had a really bad week that week. Like wanted to crawl up in a ball and cry while suckin' my thumb kinda bad....well that or beatin' the ever livin' crap outta the first person that looked at me wrong. I finally pulled myself out of it. I had to take my own advice that a really good friend threw bac…