Thursday, February 4, 2010

I've Changed My Mind

After last Saturday's shoot with Jenn of BlondeShot Creative, I think I've decided to become a professional pin up model instead of moving to Hollywood to pursue an actin' career. I mean I'm a natural. You've seen the photos. Like I said before, I have a lot of friends/acquaintances who are models and I think I've learned a quite a bit from lookin' at their photos.

Why do girls model? Boys....they want to be looked at by boys. That's why girl's do it. I mean that's why I'm gonna do it anyways. You saw my skills in all the other photos. I got MAD modelin' skills. Look at this one......I'm all sexy and shit hangin' out on the trunk of the Comet. It looks as if the top portion of my body was simply placed on the trunk of my car.....and I look totally content with that. I mean, if I were just a torso, I would be freakin' the fuck out, but like I said...I got mad can't see that I'm really freakin' out on the inside. Mad skills.

I have all my pin up friends/acquaintances to thank for my mad skills. I've seen A LOT of pin up photos and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that girl's like to look like they're fixin' cars with tools that could never actually do a damn thing to a car. Like say....a big ol' plumbers wrench.....or maybe they'll hold a big ol' oil can up like they're puttin' gas in the car.....and then, they'll have grease on their face from puttin' oil....errr...I mean gas in the car. SO.....that MUST mean that that's what boys like to see right? Girls lookin' like they ain't got a lick of sense doin' work on vintage cars. Well, it just so happens, I gotta a vintage car in my garage....and it just so happens that I have a I did and my chainsaw....on my vintage car.

I personally think this is the BEST photo EVER. I kinda wish I still had my big prom dress to wear, because I've noticed that girls are often wearin' their best dress up clothes when they're workin' on these cars in these photos.....that's alright though. I don't need to dress up all fancy and shit, because me and my chainsaw got MAD SKILLS.


BlondeShot Creative said...

i almost just spit my corn (for lunch) straight out at the screen while reading your commentary.

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

HA! I love corn....

Anonymous said...

You are so freaking funny. Everytime I see one of those pics where they are posing on a motorcycle or car and they have a plumbers wrench or better yet, hammer, in their hand i'm all like "you don't even use that darn tool on those things stupidass"
You have the greatest sense of humor!!

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