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One Weeked to the Next

This weekend was freakin' gorgeous.

We spent some time at the park with the kids and figured we'd take Wheeze to the dog park since she was doin' nothin' but pissin' our other dogs off....
I hated the dog park. People wanna talk to you and pick up your dog. Because she's a puppy, I guess they assume they have the right to do that. Then, you got little kids bendin' over and touchin' your dog without askin' and when you tell 'em they shouldn't because your dog likes to claw and snap at people that get in her face because she's just a puppy and they, nor their stupid ass parents, listen and then they act all surprised when said puppy jumps up and claws the kid's face.....yeah, see where I'm goin'. All I had to say was...."I told you...maybe you shoulda listened".

Outside of all the idiots that were at the park, it was really nice. It was good to see the boy actually outside gettin' some exercise....and the was nice to not have her attached to my hip for half a minute.

It's hard to believe just last weekend we had all that snow.

The girl tried her version of snowboarding. She wouldn't let me take the wheels and trucks off so she had a pretty damn hard time of was amusing.

I had fun takin' pictures of army men in the snow.

He knew they were comin'.......

They had him surrounded.....

He managed to get away in time......

...but they quickly caught up with him again.....(insert serious music here)....

I'm on this weird kick of playin' with and takin' pictures of toys. I actually just bought a few new toys at the antique mall this weekend. I got my metal wind up bunny FINALLY. I love him. I was showin' it to my friend Chewy and Jeremy said "wind it up" and told Chewy to watch what I do when it starts hoppin'.

"What the fuck do you mean "what I start doin'" when it starts hoppin'? I don't do shit".

As it turns out I start bouncin' too.....weirdest damn thing. The second the bunny started, so did I. I love my bunny.....

I also got some monster heads, a mini revolver, a red stuffed bulldog toy, a hotel bell (that works better than any other hotel bell EVER), little piggy salt and pepper shaker, and those two kids kissin' there in the background....too, too cute. I'm gonna blow so much money at that place......


I like all the stuff you got! I can't wait to viist and check it out. Your thrift stores have way cooler stuff than ours too.

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