Thursday, December 10, 2009


I ain't so good at change. I hate change. Change makes me panic.

On that note, I'm about to make a pretty big change.......for me anyways. I'm gonna be leavin' blogger soon for my own .com. I'm nervous. I'm totally freakin' out. It's the unknown and I don't do unknown. Hell, I can't even figure out unknown!

You ever feel totally retarded when it comes to computer stuff? I do. All the time. Totally retarded. I can't figure out shit. Even the most minute change can leave me a droolin' mess on the floor. Luckily, I have Brandy. She can do anything....I mean ANYTHING. She's always helped me with all my computer issues. You need retarded help with website/blog stuff....she's your lady. You need a website/blog built.....she's your lady. She's gonna help me build my new blog and even host it for me. Host? What does that even MEAN!?!? I dunno, but luckily she does.

I'm freakin' out over this, but she said do it, so I am. Well, mostly she's gonna be the one doin' it, but I'm gonna be in there somewhere.

What if I forget to pay the domain name when it's time too? How are all my followers gonna follow me now? How will I follow all the people I follow? How will I maintain a website? Can I still track visitors? Do I delete my blog at blogspot? I'll have ANOTHER password to remember!

Oh sweet jesus.......I think I just busted a vein.


BlondeShot Creative said...

may I ask why you decided to switch? I've had a website for years and it's there, but I hate it. I much prefer the blog... so much easier to keep up, update, keep track of other blogs, etc. I still have the website, but it's not there for daily use. You know you can keep a blog and just purchase your own URL address for it, have you thought of that?

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

It all started with confusion between my two gmails and their associations with my blog since my blogger and gmail is done by google. It was just too much.

I'm switching solely because Brandy told me too! She said it would be way easier......

Not So Average Mama said...

BlondeShotCreative, it will still be a blog. It will just be a SELF hosted blog powered by the wordpress blogging software. Blows blogspot away yo!

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