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Yee HAW! Gonna Meet the Pioneer Woman Tonight!!!

Pioneer Woman won't be speakin' tonight. Only signin'.
****UPDATE**** 2:30 p.m.
Just called Borders. Pioneer Woman has moved signing up to 6:00 p.m. Boarders started handin' out colored wristbands at 9 this mornin' to guarantee your spot in line. YOU MUST HAVE A WRISTBAND!!! They're now on they're THIRD color of wristbands, and have never used more than one color at any other book signing! I had planned on gettin' there around 4ish so I could have a decent spot in line, but after this whole wristband thing, I ain't goin'.....sad face..... Ain't no way in hell I can sit in line until what is at this point gonna be 1 or 2 a.m with a whole bunch of mom bloggers all talkin' about baby snot and shit.....dammit....lame. I was SOOOOO excited!!!
Dear Ree,
I love your blog, like a whole lot. I love your kids faces and Marlboro Man's too. I love your funny way of writin', all your pretty photos and especially the recipes, because well....I love food. I will get your cookbook. I really, really wanted to meet you and have our picture taken together....we both have red hair (you did at least up until recently!) and we could totally make hair babies......but I just gotta get home at a decent time. I work and if I don't get enough sleep, I am one crabby, bitchy broad and my boss don't like that. Also there is this issue I have with bein' around a bunch of gloatin' mom bloggers....they make me wanna poke my eyeballs out. I just can't do it.
Go eat at the Varsity.......get a chili slaw dog and a pc. Good shit I tell ya, good shit.
I'm so sad.
A year or so ago a Brandy over at Not So Average Mama told me about this blog called The Pioneer Woman. She said it was all about this lady who lives on a ranch somewhere and does ranch type was really interesting, and I really needed to check it out.
Lame. That's what I thought, but what Brandy says to do, I pretty much do.
She was right. Once I started readin', I couldn't stop.

There were some of the most beautiful photos I'd ever seen and an entire section with photo tips....which I totally haven't tried, because just readin' them alone makes my brain go all fuzzy....that and I don't have the photo editing program she has.

I was immediately hooked on her Black Heels to Tractor Wheel series, which tells the story of her (who at the time, was a chick who was raised in a golf course community and was probably a total spoiled brat) and her rancher husband meetin' and fallin' in love. A city girl meets and falls in love with a cowboy. Ugh.....I'm SUCH a sucker for love stories.
So reminded me of my love for Lucchese boots.....and because of her, I have my very own pair and wear them as much as humanly possible.......
I've also cooked several things in her cookin' section. My favorite is the Crash Hot shit ever.......

Hope she doesn't mind...I totally stole this picture from her site.

Last Christmas, Jeremy and I were using her recipe for beef tenderloin and he suggested we do somethin' a specific way and I can remember sayin', "No! That's not how Pioneer Woman said to do it!" I knew then that I had a problem.

I've actually cooked quite a few of her recipes and now, in addition to her Tasty Kitchen recipe site, she's put out a cookbook.......AND..........she's totally gonna be in Atlanta for a book signin' TONIGHT and I'm totally goin'!

In case you're wonderin', she'll be at Borders on Peachtree Road in Atlanta tonight at 7:30.


Sally-Sal said…
Those are some kickass boots.
yer lame for even thinking that!
Rebekah said…
Gotta leave a comment 'cause I'm one of the lame mommy bloggers you didn't wanna hang with! You know, just to annoy you! ; ) Kidding... kind of. Sorry you missed it. We were outta there by 10 and there weren't a lot of people left to see her - not too shabby. I guess you'll have to ship your book to her and have her sign it that way. Some of us were annoyed that people had brought their kids with them. 'Cause you know they only brought them in hopes that she would post a picture of their little angel on her site. How dumb. Personally, I needed that 5 hours AWAY from my kids; there was no way I was gonna take them with me and try to keep them corralled the whole time.
Sal: They are pretty sweet ass boots huh? I worship them!

Brandy: Of course I assumed she was lame! She's a mom blogger....livin' on a ranch. Duh.

Rebekah: Ok so, let me say MOST Mom blogger drive me nuts. ESPECIALLY the ones that bring their kids! Really?!?! Shouldn't your kids be IN BED!?!? I'm with you, I need that time to myself. I hate that I missed it. I really, really do. Thanks for leavin' a comment!....even if it was just to annoy me! ;)

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