Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank You Easta Bunny! Bock! Bock!

You remember that commercial? The one with the little girl that says "Thank you Easta Bunny! Bock! Bock!" I love that commercial! I love Easter. All the pretty colors of eggs, the baskets the Easter bunny leaves for the kids, the Easter egg hunt.....who am I kiddin'? I just want the food!

We of course had all the traditional food you're supposed to have ion Easter....ham (which J said tasted weird so I just couldn't eat it....he totally syked me out!), green bean casserole, potato salad, homemade mac and cheese (courtesy of J's mom) creamed spinach, black eyed peas and the most delicious rolls ever for me to make my little green bean casserole and potato salad sandwiches!

The kids were dyin' to do the Easter Egg Hunt.
This year we put 10 one dollar bills in some of the eggs. Amazingly enough each kid got five money eggs each! AMAZING! No fights over who got more money.

Some may say the boy is too old for Easter egg huntin'. Psshtt. Whatever. I'd totally be huntin' eggs too if somebody else put money in them for me!

I totally love hidin' eggs that the kids just can't seem to find. I stood and pointed in the direction of this one for like 2 hours before the girl finally caught on.

He's totally hopin' there's money in them thar eggs!

J and his mom had the prime site seein' spot for scoutin' out any missed eggs. Can't believe J was standing there like that though. Our deck has quite the sorted past with people takin' spills off it.
After all the eggs were collected and the kids had disappeared inside to check out their loot, we hung out with the dogs for a bit. Here's Little as fast can be! They'll never catch me!
This is Bruiser. He just realized he can get on the trampoline and still ain't sure he likes it. He does it anyways.

Easter was awesome. It was beautiful......thank god the stupid wind storm we had on Monday didn't come a day earlier! Our back yard looks like a war zone. The top of a pine tree snapped and by the grace of god didn't crush our fence. It's freakin' HUGE!!!!....and it's only the TOP of the tree! Then there are countless branches strewn everywhere, some of which are big enough to be small trees! Dang....J sure is gonna have fun cleanin' all that up tomorrow while me and the girl go to the Big Shanty Fest!


Not So Average Mama said...

Dang you make sandwiches from EVERYTHING

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