Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah...Hey, Hey, Hey...GOODBYE!

FINALLY! J sold his truck. That big ol' heap of flat black jun.....err.....awesomeness. Yeah, awesomeness, that's what I meant.
Oh the pleasure of pulling up in the driveway and not seeing that truck just sitting there. Sitting there and and wasting space. Breathing car air that another awesome car/bike could be breathing from the comfyness of our driveway.

It's no secret that I didn't like that truck. First, I hate long bed trucks. They look retarded. Second, I hated the moon hubcaps. I know I'm totally in the minority with this, but I think those things are hideous. I think they can make a fantastic lookin' car look like pure poo. Whatever. Besides that, it didn't run. Wouldn't run. J had lost interest after one failed attempt after another the get the motor problems ironed out. Man, I'm so glad to see it go.

It was funny, after J sold it, we went out to eat and while we were sitting there he kinda jump upped a little and said "OW!" I turned and said "What happened?!?" He said, "Oh nothin'. Money's just burnin' a hole in my pocket". What a retard!

When J had a bike, all he could think about was getting a truck. He sold his bike (that he looked as soooo dead sexy on and I loved riding)........so he could get his truck. He got it. It sucked (in my totally not wanted opinion!). He regretted not having a bike, but a truck is what he wanted at that moment. You know how men are. They want EVERYTHING. Like little kids in a candy store. Always wanting.
So, what will fill the space in our driveway now? Another truck? A sweet old loud ass car? Nope.....another bike. One that is totally not suitable for a passenger. One that doesn't even have a place to put foot pegs. One that has some secret agenda attached to it so that J can get away by himself without me!!! One that I'm going to take over. He just don't know it yet! Mwuahahah!!! I have my own secret agenda!


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