Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bikes, Flowers and a Funeral all at Once

Here it is. J on his new motorbike. It's a Sportster. Sportsters are for girls. That's why I have a secret agenda. No, really, he loves it and that's really all that matters. He's happy, I'm happy.

While I was takin' pictures of J headin' out on his first ride on the bike, I decided to take a few shots of some of the flowers we've got growing in our yard. Ain't they purdy? Thanks to them spreading their yellow love juice everywhere, I still can't breathe outta my nose and will have to once again kick my habit of nosespray.These little purple one's are awesome too.

I wish I could afford a better lens so I could get better close up shots. If I could just quit drinking for a minute, I could probably afford one!

On a totally different note, I gotta go to my Grandfather's funeral today. He died Sunday. It's now Wednesday and I just found out. Kinda sucks that no one in my family saw a need to call and tell me. Everyday I drive past where my dad is buried and can see the flowers on his grave from the road. My grandparents both have plots right by him and this morning when I drove by, I noticed there was a tent over my dad's grave. I knew immediately that one of my grandparents had passed. So when I got to work, I checked the local paper. I was stunned....there was my grandfather's name.


Anonymous said...

Sossy you had to go through that, but I feel ya.. I don't talk to my dad's side of the family at all, and there are a ton of em.. he has 3 brothers & sister, they all have kids, hell some of those kids have kids who have kids.. it's nutty. But they have never liked my mom, and after my grandpa passed, there just wasn't a point in it anymore. Last time I saw them it had been 7 years.. that was 2 yrs ago. Evan asks me, and I tell him the same thing. Nobody calls him a brat. They just wanna be all nosey & pretend that they actually "care" .. It sucks. But, we are better for it. No time for time wasters that wanna suck the love of life outa us. I'll be damned if I ever let anybody do that to Evan. "Family" or not..
Good luck with paying your are a far braver gal than I.


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