Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekend Review

I saw Scott H. Biram play this weekend at the Star Bar. He sang his last song totally nekkid. I mean really...standin' there basically eye level with his junk all hangin' out....It was kinda weird, uncomfortable and awesome all at the same time.

He just so happened to drop trow right after I said "TAKE YER PANNIES OFF!" Did this line (which I tend to always scream out at shows) finally work or was it pure coincidence? I'll never know. It was awesome either way.

Before the show, I also went to Netherworld haunted house with a bunch of bitches.

We spent our time in line drinkin' Jack Daniels with potato chip chasers (sounds gross, but try that shit!) so I pretty much got shitfaced beforehand hopin' it would keep me from gettin' the ever livin' shit scared outta me. All it did was make me wanna puke my guts up on this twirly tunnel bridge thing (which I'm pretty sure it woulda done to me shitfaced or not).

The last time I went to a haunted house, I was 12 and it scarred me. It was absolutely terrifying, so I assumed this top ranked haunted house was gonna leave me pretty damaged. The anticipation of being scared was way worse than the actual attempts to scare. Believe me, I screamed like a big ol' black girl hollerin' "oh girl, donchoo go in that basement, you gonna DIIIIEEEE", but really, I expected SO much more.

On Saturday, I attempted to take the kids to the Little 5 Points Halloween parade, but 30 minutes after we got there the girl, havin' been sick the previous day, started feelin' pretty crappy again so we had to leave. I felt awful for both the kids. The L5P parade is always somethin' we all really look forward to and this was the first year in many that we've missed it. It's better than any other parade around......It definitely ain't your standard family parade. Random Atlanta says "Seriously people, don’t miss out on going down to L5P for this. Little Five is known to be a bit alternative, but when it is this time of the year, it gets down right wacky". I hate that we missed it this year, but there's always next year.

Once Saturday evening came rollin' around the kids felt up to goin' to Halloween thing at the local Baskin Robbins. I think the nasty winter like weather kept everyone from goin' out because it wasn't so awesome. A free scoop of ice cream and fifteen minutes later, we were back home again.

That was pretty much it for the weekend. I meant to do other things, like get everything back in our basement or make a few bears for a craft show I'm doin' in a few weeks, but.......no.

This comin' up weekend is gonna be another crazy hectic one. We have a Halloween thing to take the kids to on Friday (free food and jumpy things, woooo!) and some runnin' around to do on Saturday before a birthday party we're havin' at our house for a friend that night....stay tuned for pictures!


Jennifer McGrath said...

I thought you took the Haunted House pretty well! As for the chip chaser it is good. ;)

Sorry your feel'n sick....

Next year, maybe we can meet up for the L5P parade. Since I missed it too and haven't been yet. I'll take my kids too!


where the hell didn't you get a shot of his ding dong???

Not So Average Mama said...

Looks like an awesome time! I wish I could have went to the haunted house with you. Oh and that guy is such a dick. He looks like he has a little baby butt

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Yeah, Scott Biram seems to have quite a chip on his shoulder. He pitched a fit twice at the show I was at. Oh well....his music pretty much kicks ass though.

Tori said...

OMG- I can totally see his penis. MY INNOCENT EYES!!!! Or am I a pervert and just seeing things?

I hate haunted houses. I like being scared, but I don't like the feeling of someone chasing me. What if one of the people supposedly working in the haunted house was actually a psycho murderer???

Lana said...

i'm such a prude that i would have been all drunk at that concert wondering why he wasn't getting arrested for indecent exposure.

and i LOVE me some haunted houses! jack and chips, i'll take that one under advisement...

BaldyLocks said...

Am I ever glad I came by your blog! That picture made my day!

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

I think it mademy week!

Anonymous said...

love Scott Biram

Anonymous said...

love Scott Biram

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