Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where I'm At

I have no internet access at work and it's killin' me. It's nuts how hooked on that shit I am! I'm used to havin' Facebook open all day.....chattin' with friends, lookin' at all the stupid shit mas. One day, I'm gonna go missin' and my new co-workers are gonna find me huddled in a corner rockin' back and forth droolin' on myself mumblin' somethin' about Facebook destroyin' my life. I hope they just put me outta my misery right then and there.......

Unfortunately, my blog's gonna take the biggest hit. I've always blogged from from work. It was nice and quiet and I could THINK which is somethin' that's dang near impossible to do at home. This whole havin' a husband and kids thing doesn't really afford me the time or the quiet I need to write.

Today though I decided I don't really care about all those hours of Facebook updates. They were amusing at work, but once I'm at home, ehhh....whatever....but I've gotta figure out somethin' with my blog. I LOVE yeah. I'll figer it out.

On a completely different note, I did the whole couponing thing for the first time this week.

I was totally THAT person at the check out handin' over a wad of coupons. I got $145 worth of groceries for $76! Pretty fuckin' amazin' if you ask me. I was a total ratard about all of it (and still kinda am). I couldn't figure out how the hell to do it.....this whole coupining I had to be shown.....and that whole bein' shown thing.....well....that's leadin' to yet another change and.....

Change is good right? Right?


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