Saturday, May 30, 2009

Adam Pearce Benefit Show

June 13th ~ 1pm to 8pm
540 Athens HighwayLoganville, GA, 30052

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Benefit Show For Adam Pearce

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Pain in Grief

Everyone grieves differently. Some people tend to keep it together as much as humanly possible so they can take care of everyone else, then they break down when they're finally alone.

Some people flip their shit and go over the deep end which tends to make a lot of people uncomfortable, because what do you say to a person that's flipped their shit?

Some people hole themselves up and just want to be alone, while others need to surround themselves with as many friends/family as possible.

Then there's the people that decided no one loved the person that passed more than they did and no one is entitled to hurt like they are. All those people do is inflict unnecessary pain on others in a time where people are already hurting so deeply.

Losing someone close to you hurts. Bad.....and crazy things come of it usually. Some good, some not so good.

It can cause the people closest involved to make rash decisions that are irresponsible and hurtful to everyone else involved. You are not the only one hurting. You are not the only one that loved the person that passed. You are not the only person that the one who passed loved, either. Just stop. Take a breath and realize what you are doing to all the people that you are taking things away from. All those things will not bring the person back or change the past. You are only causing more pain on top of pain. It's senseless.

On the flipside though, I've also seen the death of a loved one help reconnect people that were once close, but for one reason or another have drifted. I've seen some of the toughest lookin' dudes break down and tell the dude next to them they loved them. I've seen it really bring an insane amount of closeness to an already close group of friends.....and I'm grateful to be a part of that group of friends. I'm grateful to everyone that's called or emailed to see how we're doing. I'm grateful to be surrounded by friends I love and that love me. I'm so grateful.

We're all hurting. Some of us care just as much about everyone else that's hurting, too.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adam's Obit and Guestbook

The AJC posted an awesome article about Adam and Saturday night. Somebody finally got it right....mostly. Like everything else, it'll make you cry.

His Obituary has also been posted. There are a lot of great positive messages that have been left in the Guestbook.

A friend of mine sent me this picture from Saturday night. There's a lot I'd like to say about it, but it just ain't comin' out yet.

The viewing will be at Wages Funeral home on 78, Tuesday from 4pm-8pm.

The Funeral will be Wednesday at 11am at Wages with burial @ 5pm in Leesburg, Ga.

Wages Funeral Home, 3705 Highway 78 W, Snellville, GA 30039, (770) 979-3200

Monday, May 18, 2009

Devastated Doesn't Even Come Close.....

I've thought long and had about what to say here. I'm not sure I've still got it all worked out because my brain is still pretty much mush, but I really need to get some of this out. Part of me wanted to write something generic. A few kind words maybe, just kind. Another part of me wanted to address rumors and trash talk, but I'll save that for someone else.

I decided to talk about the Adam I knew and loved. The Adam so many of us knew and loved.

First and foremost, Adam was one of the most loyal friends I've ever had in my life and I know there are hundreds of others that can say the same exact thing. I always knew if we were out and Adam was around, I was being looked after even when my J wasn't nearby. If I ever needed Adam, he was there before I even knew I needed him. Really, he made sure all of us girls were taken care of (and for some in more than just one way.....what? you know Adam loved the ladies).

Adam and I were like a brother and sister in a lot of ways. We've beaten the hell out of each other and stood toe to toe trash talkin' each other. I've always called him out on all his drama and he would always talk shit on my hair. There were many times that Adam would ask me for advice on one thing or another. He'd talk, I'd listen and I give him that best advice I could....not that he EVER listened, but he still just wanted to do the right thing and I guess he thought I could help him in the right direction. I always tried Adam.....even if I yelled at you, I always tried.

Adam had a love for animals like no other man I know. I swear it seemed like there for a while he was constantly posting about another dog he'd found that needed a good home. It's funny really....dogs flocked to Adam just like the ladies did!

When I was around Adam, there were a few things I was certain of....He had my back no matter what, there'd never be a dull moment, he'd flip me off whenever I was taking his picture, he usually always had some kinda girl drama and he was gonna make fun of my hair. I loved him for those things. They made Adam, Adam.....and now I'm crying again.....

The last thing I said to Adam was "You're such a whore". He smiled and said "I love you, Jessica". I smiled back and said "I love you, too". I was one of the lucky ones.

Viewing will be at Tuesday from 4pm-8pm at Wages Funeral home, 3705 Highway 78, Snellville, GA 30039, (770) 979-3200

Funeral will be Wednesday at 11am at Wages with burial @ 5pm in Leesburg, Ga.

I encourage everyone to leave a comment with a few words about how Awesome Adam was.

A few comments were left on the Big Wheel Bitches site and it really helped reading those. I'm sure everyone else would like to read a few things.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm a Total Freakin' Nag

I only want the best for my kids. I don't want them goin' out into the big boy world without a clue as to how to handle themselves. I hope that they learn from watching. That they think, ok....that's the way Mom and Dad do things, that's the way I'll do things.

The girl pretty much gets it. At her age, she could probably out live me if she found herself lost in the jungle. The boy, he's an entirely different story. So many people tell me, "It's just a boy thing, he'll grow out of it". Hell yeah he'll grow out of it, I'm gonna make damn sure of that! However, in doing that I've realized that I'm a big fat pain in the ass nag. It hit me last night......

Last night I saw that the boys nails were so long he coulda picked my nose from across the room. This has been a problem we've struggled with for a long time and I'm tired of having to say anything about it. I had gotten so tired of seeing him with long nails that I painted them a pretty pretty pink once. You'd have thought I was pulling his fingernails off with pliers the way he reacted, but did that change anything? Does he cut his nails regularly? Hell no!
I was about to open my mouth and say something to him last night, but instead I decided to keep my mouth shut and wait until he left the room so I could tell his dad it was his turn to be the nag.
Let's cut to this morning.
The boy opens up his two packages of grits. He leaves the top part that he ripped off on the counter along with about half a bag of grits that had spewed everywhere. Did he clean it up? No. I go on to tell him he can't leave trash and food on the counter and all the reasons why not.
As I'm saying all this to him, I notice he has a filthy shirt on. I say to him " get that shirt out of the dirty clothes?" He says "no, it was hanging on my wall". Ok, that's a little weird, but whatever. I go on to tell him he can't wear a filthy shirt to school and all the reasons why not.
As he's smelling his shirt to see if it actually smells dirty, he lifts up his arm to get a wiff of the pits and I notice he smells vaguely like tacos. So, that means he didn't put on deodorant......again. We've been working on this one for like three years now and he still doesn't give a crap whether or not he's known as the stinky kid in class. Ok. Whatever. At this point I'm totally freakin' over it, but still ask if he's remembered to put on deodorant. He says "GAH!" and stomps off up the stairs and I'm all "Ok, Napoleon Dynamite, why you wanna be all stompin' on the stairs and stuff? They didn't do anything to you".
While he's upstairs putting on deodorant, I put a kettle on to boil and run to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom the kettle started to whistle....and whistle....and whistle. Normally if I can't get to it, the girl will yell "MOM! Tea's done....and she'll turn the stove off". This morning, the girl was already at school. So the kettle went on whistling, all the while the boy was standing in the kitchen watching his grits go round in the microwave. Holy jesus.....I finally got to the kettle. I turned it off and stood there eyeballin' my kid. He says "What?".....I just shake my head and make my damn tea.
I hate constantly nagging the boy. HATE IT and I know he hates me for it. If he'd just pay attention and do what he should do, I wouldn't have to say anything. I just don't want to be responsible for a child of mine being an adult who has a filthy roach infested house and walks around with pretty pretty girl nails wearing dirty clothes and smellin' like tacos.
He just won't listen! How the hell am I supposed to teach him all this without being a total freakin' nag? DAMMIT!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Shoulda Just Stayed in Bed

You ever have those days where you just can't practice what you preach? Like it's physically try, but when you do your body just makes these retarded jerky spasms in protest?

I'm always saying life is what you make it. Why waste a day being all irritated and pissed when you can be all awesome and stuff? Well, today I say to hell with that.

I'm seeing a pattern here. Around this time every month I wanna take stuff outta people's hands and bash them over the head with it. When people ask me how I'm doing I wanna say "seriously, like you give a shit". I don't want to listen to other people's stupid little stories and smile and nod like I care, because today, I don't. Well, to be totally honest I don't usually care on good days, but at least I'm kind enough to fake it.

I hate being like this, but it just comes so naturally dammit. It's so easy. I spent so many years like this that it's like riding a bike. I just get right back on.

Just now, I was asked by a lady if I was a cat person. She was obviously holding a card in her hands that had a cat on it. First of all, no, I'm not a cat person. Secondly, even if I were, I didn't care to see what it was she was holding. I knew I wouldn't be able to give her the "oooh, aaaahhhh how cute!" response she was looking for. What I really wanted to say to her was "Do I fuckin' look like a cat person to you?", but I didn't. I said "Uh, no" and left it at that. She looked disappointed. Welcome to my world I thought as she turned and went on to the next person.

As irritated as I am today and as much as I think this day is gonna be filled with insane amounts of suckness, I must persevere. Yes, I must....I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.......

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Dynamics of Flailing and Falling

It poured all weekend.

I slipped and almost busted my ass like 16 times going from the wet driveway to the smooth concrete floor of the garage.

I was speed walking through the Home Depot parking lot and slipped and almost busted my ass on one of the arrows painted on the road....then once I got inside I almost busted my ass on the smooth concrete floor.

Just picture it. All that almost busting my assness.....I go skidding and flailing like a retard ice skating for the first time.

It was inevitable that the "almost" would eventually happen.......

And it did.

The rain briefly let up so I decided I'd wash all the pollen and green shit off our front porch. I finished the floor and was moving on to the steps. I took one step and my foot came flying out from underneath me. Yeah. I didn't stop until my ass visited each and every step.....all the way to the bottom. I popped right up and probably started whistling just in case any of the neighbors saw, I figure I'd play it all cool and shit. That lasted for, oh about 15 seconds. My adrenaline had skyrocketed and I was PISSED. What exactly is one pissed at in these circumstances? I'll tell you what I was pissed off stupid fucking flip flops.

All the retard flailing ridiculous body contorting of almost busting my ass to the finale of actually busting my ass......all my stupid flip flop's fault. My entire freakin' body hurts. Because I can't lift my right leg hardly, J has had to help me get my pants on and off. Oh, only if flip flops had feelings. I woulda beat the ever livin' shit outta them. Of course this would've been after I picked myself up off the freakin' ground.
It gets even better.....I finish washing the damn stairs. I'm exhausted and my entire body hurts. I couldn't have looked forward to anything more in my life after a day like the one I'd just had than a nice steaming hot shower. I was soaked and covered in gunk. PLUS we had gotten a brand new fancy detachable shower heads while we were at Home Depot. I got in the shower and just stood there letting the hot water hit me in the face......then then god damned shower head slipped out of it's little cradle thingy and hit me square in the fuckin' nose.

I stood there stunned for a second before I started yelling every possible obscenity at the top of my lungs. So much for a nice relaxing shower.

It's now Monday and I hurt so freakin' bad. My lower back, ass bone and hip all feel outta place making it very uncomfortable to sit in the same position for very long, my knee feels like it's gonna fall off at my next step, my ankle feels like it's cracked and my nose is bruised.

Stupid fuckin' flip flops.

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