Friday, February 1, 2008

Friends are the Bacon Bits in the Salad Bowl of Life!

Friends will have your back in a crazy bar brawl.

Friends will hold your hair back when you’ve had too much to drink and are gettin’ rid of it.

Friends will poke you in the head really hard when you’re being stupid.

Friends will deal with a thousand phone calls just to help you figure out how to do that one thing you can’t figure out on the computer (even though a 7 year old could do it).

Friends will see a pair of Hello Kitty panties at Ross and buy them for you, because they know you love Hello Kitty.

Friends will help push your big ass car outta the road when you break down.
Friends will gnaw and spit on you when they're teething and because you're their friend, you won't mind......

Friends will carry you around in their pocket when your legs are too tired to hold you up......
Friends will love you no matter how long your forehead is.....

Friends will love you only if they get to see you just for a minute before you are shipped out.
and sometimes, friends just need a big fat hug....


Stitchblade Etsy said...

Aww I love that post! I also love that pic of the baby! How cute!

Ivey HandCrafted said...

so cute!!! I still love my bear - I bought it as a gift and just couldn't give it away!

Anonymous said...

A friend loveth at all times” ~Proverbs 17:17”

Friends Are Angels Who Lift Us up When Our Wings Forget How to Fly

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