Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BEST DAMN biscuit around!

First let me just say that it has been like 8 years since I last posted on my blog. Pure laziness on my part. Secondly let me say that I am NOT a fan of biscuits and yes, I was born and raised in the South! Shame, shame, I know.

THEN.....came THIS.....yes, this is the actual biscuit I got!

HOWEVER....I pass this little biscuit place called Stilesboro Biscuits on the way to work every morning and have always wanted to stop just because it's one of those little itty house type buildings that looks like nothing but pure goodness comes out of it AND the parking lot is always packed.
This morning, I was passing at just the right time. It looked like I could get in and out (I have my 30 something mile drive down to the last minute pretty much). I went in and the lady behind the counter just radiated with a smile (it turns out she loved my hair and I guess it made her happy). I ordered a pork tenderloin biscuit with strawberry jelly. GOOD GOD man...this biscuit was HUGE. The pork tenerloin was like and inch and a half thick and there was jelly just oozing! I had to have them cut it in half for me it was so big and the nice lady behind the counter packed me up a ziplock bag with wet papertowels in case I made a jelly mess (I think she looked into my soul and saw that I was one helluva messy eater!).

I took my biscuit to the car and just stared at it. It was really just extrodinary! Definitely picture worthy.

This was the BEST DAMN BISCUIT I have EVER had, and being from the South, I've had a lot of biscuits!!! I plan on going back this Saturday before the Drive Invasion (I hear they have a live bluegrass band every Saturday!!). Really, I wanna go back tomorrow, but I'm fat enough as it is. Plus, I think Jeremy would kill me if I went without him.

If your in Georgia, you gotta try Stilesboro Biscuits! Their hours are Wednesday through Saturday 7 - 11:30 a.m. and if you make it on a Saturday, you'll get the treat of a real live bluegrass band!!!

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