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Speakin' of Idiocy

When I was 14, a friend told me they had taken the word gullible out of the dictionary. I asked "why?"..... she said "You're so gulllible"...I said "yeah, why did they take the word out of the dictionary?" Again, she said "You're so gullible." ........"fine, I'm why the hell'd they take the damn word outta the diction....." Then it hit me. I got it. I'd never felt more like an idiot than I did at that very moment. I'd like to think of myself as a pretty smart chick....maybe not in the book sense, but at least in COMMONsense. However.....I took things to a whole new level of idiocy that day....and I ain't proud to say it, but I FAR surpassed that today...and despite the fact that I haven't blogged in MONTHS, I felt the need to share just what a gullible idiot I can be. .....and so it goes..... Today on my lunch break I picked up a Creative Loafing. I'm just readi
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I would say 90% of my friends are into buyin' taxidermy. The stuff that lined the walls of my family's homes is more popular than ever! The difference bein' that my family shot that junk themselves and proudly displayed their trophies and ate the rest.... Seein' as how the closest I get to huntin' is huntin' the best deals possible on groceries and I can barely afford toilet paper these days taxidermy ain't gonna find itself to the already awesome walls of my house anytime soon. HOWEVER...... You know, I've been makin' my Battle Scrarred Bears again and in the midst of all the hubub over taxidermy, I decided to start puttin' their sweet little heads on plaques.....and voila! own dadgum taxidermy........FLUFFIDERMY!!! I've seen lots of other crafty made....uhhhh....idermy, and even proudly display feltidermy by girlsavage on one of my walls. Fluffidermy is my spin on the awesome that is stuffed craft ...idermy!.....and dammit.

East Atlanta Strut 2010

I've been sewin' my fingers off tryin' to get ready for the East Atlanta Strut . It was the first show I had ever done and it was a BLAST! Bein' used to your standard kinda craft shows, you know the ones.....wood cut into silly stuff, marsh mellow guns, lace and potpourri, you can imagine my excitement when I was accepted to do the Strut, which ain't your mama's craft show. After three years, I've decided to give it a go again. I've really focused on my bears since that's what I really enjoy makin' and it's what everyone seemed to like best. You definitely won't find anything else like 'em out there! They're all sad lookin' and junk.....and people wanna hug 'em when they see 'em. I started sewin' these guys three years ago and after readin' an article in a magazine about a man that went to war, was burned badly while there and came home to his finance, married her and made babies with her despite all hi

June 28 - I Heart Faces Pet Entry

I know, I's be FOREVER since I last posted, but life has majorly gotten in the way. Lots and lots of ups and downs....well mostly downs, but who am I to complain? ....and I'm totally not about to be a Debbie Downer and start whinin '..... that'll come later...I promise.....I'm doin ' this here post ' cuz I wanna have an awesome picture of our ol ' Wheezy Lee and Vin to be posted on the I Heart Faces Blog . It's my first time and Lord knows I probably ain't gonna get it right the first 1,600 times I try, but I'm gonna give it a go anyhow. Despite life totally suckin ' these days, I do have a constant source of entertainment....when she's not being a total crappin ' machine that is..... I introduced Wheezy Lee to y'all a while back and she's been growin ' like mad. To catch you up on everything you've missed, she hates swimmin ' despite my best efforts....she refuses to be crate trained.....s


This whole tryin' to be positive shit ain't workin' today.....or for the past few days as a matter of fact. I'm tired. My mind hasn't absorbed so much learnin' since I was like.....I dunno.....youngish. You know what learnin' overkill does to me? Shuts me down.....fucks me up. All this thinkin' straight at the new job ain't lettin' me think straight anywhere else. I get home and my brain turns to fondue. I'm so, so, so tired. On top of this tired shit, my weekends are PACKED...and now I have no money for these packed weekends. Not only did I take a HUGE pay cut, but Jeremy's job just decided that his position is no longer've put him back to what he did when he first started workin' there three years ago and MAJORLY cut his pay. MAJORLY. When the fuck does this stop? I've said over and over.....good things come to good people. What'd I do that ain't good????? I even gave that chick sta

Miss Mamie's Cupcakes

These...... Came from Miss Mamie's Cupcakes on the Marietta Square.... and so did these......and they're totally gonna add another month to my already pregnant lookin' belly..... Behold the beauty..... I had NO idea this place was just right up the road from me. I, like everybody else worship cupcakes and when Chewy told me about it at like 9 on a Friday night, I grabbed my keys and was out the door. Ok, so I wasn't but if I thought for half a second they were open, I woulda went.....footy pajamas and all..... We made plans to go the next day when Chewy was finished workin' and I know I had sent her a text before the sun even came up askin' her what the hell was takin' so danged long........ When we got there I was could I only choose one?!?! I ended up gettin' rocky road and reese's .....Chewy got margarita and strawberry ......and the girl got lemon and devil's food . I don't get the whole fruit a

Where I'm At

I have no internet access at work and it's killin' me. It's nuts how hooked on that shit I am! I'm used to havin' Facebook open all day.....chattin' with friends, lookin' at all the stupid shit mas. One day, I'm gonna go missin' and my new co-workers are gonna find me huddled in a corner rockin' back and forth droolin' on myself mumblin' somethin' about Facebook destroyin' my life. I hope they just put me outta my misery right then and there....... Unfortunately, my blog's gonna take the biggest hit. I've always blogged from from work. It was nice and quiet and I could THINK which is somethin' that's dang near impossible to do at home. This whole havin' a husband and kids thing doesn't really afford me the time or the quiet I need to write. Today though I decided I don't really care about all those hours of Facebook updates. They were amusing at work, but once I'm at home, ehhh